I Woke Up Wrinkle-Free! The Nighttime Hack that Changed My Life

Tired of waking up to the same ol’ “crinkle-dinkle” under eyes every morning? Looking for that magic trick to blur away the lines?

I hear you! But guess what, Allure Aesthetics fam—I just stumbled upon the nighttime hack that could kick those wrinkles to the curb!

Let’s be real – those under-eye fine lines are a constant battle.

We try everything – creams, serums, even that fancy eye mask a friend swore by. But nothing seems to truly banish those wrinkles. We’ve searched high and low for that magic potion.

But what if I told you I’ve found a winning combination?

Buckle up, because I’m about to share a nighttime hack that completely changed everything for me, using ZO Skin Health products!

Guest contributor and real life customer – Jessica Sanchez.

nighttime hack

My Eyes: ZO, Botox, and a Little Confession

I love ZO Skin Health – those products have transformed my skin.

You can read about my full morning routine here: my complete ZO Skin transformation.

I’ve been seeing Kimberly at Allure for about a year now, and she’s been a lifesaver for my eyes!  I see her regularly for Botox, fillers and ZO. When I first started seeing her, I told her my biggest problem area is under my eyes.  It can make such a difference how I look, and ultimately how confident I feel, when my under eye wrinkles are less, or even better… gone.

Kimberly has been expertly placing Botox in the delicate area under my eyes and that has most definitely contributed to my lack of wrinkles.  It’s an intricate placement of Botox, and sometimes can leave small bruises or slight swelling. I’ve seen how well it works, so I always opt for this special placement every time.

When she initially asked me about the skin care products I was using and what my nighttime routine was, I was embarrassed to say, “Well… whatever looks good on the TJ Maxx shelves?”

Her response was, “No, you can’t! You need to use ZO.”

And that’s when my real transformation began.

I’ve been devoted to ZO Skin Health products for about 4 months now, and they’ve given me amazing results. 

Here’s my confession: I actually get such good results, I even stopped using them at night!

I know, I know… bad idea.

It was my husband who prompted me…

“Babe, you’re not putting your serums on at night anymore, how come?” 

If you’re like me, when my husband says “Jump”, I say “How high?!”

My attention was instantly fixed on my #1 problem area: under my eyes, and immediately restarting a nighttime routine.

nighttime hack zo botox

The Nighttime Hack that Changed Everything.

Fast forward to last night. 

After that prompt from my husband, I did a quick makeup wipe, and then grabbed my trusty ZO:

  1. ZO Skin Wrinkle and Texture Repair with 0.5% Retinol, and lots of it: Because these pesky wrinkles don’t stand a chance against my husband’s wishes!
  2. ZO Growth Factor Eye Serum, layered on thick: It’s like a magical potion for my under-eyes, and feels so luxurious.

And then, I drifted off to sleep. 

Hello Gorgeous! Wait…What Wrinkles?!

The next morning, I braced myself for the usual look in the mirror – and was stunned! 

My under eyes were perfectly smooth.

Not. A. Single. Wrinkle.

I’m talking completely smooth, not a hint of a fine line!

Honestly, this ZO Skin nighttime hack, along with my Botox, is my new secret weapon.

If you’re ready to ditch those lines, give this a try. It could be the answer you’ve been searching for!

nighttime hack

Allure Aesthetics Tip:

Get the experts at Allure Aesthetics to help you build the perfect ZO Skin routine and find out if Botox is right for your wrinkle-fighting goals.

Book your consultation today and say hello to smooth, youthful under-eyes!

And ladies, maybe it’s time we all started listening to our hubbies a little more often – they might be onto something! 😉



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