A Non Surgical Facelift

Novathreads is a procedure that stimulates collagen production to lift,fill and smooth lines. A preloaded needle is inserted into the skin leaving a dissolvable thread beneath the surface. The threads trigger the skin to heal itself and stimulates collagen production that lifts the skin giving it contour and shape. Novathreads are made of a safe synthetic absorbable material called polydioxanone that naturally dissolve into your skin.

Enjoy no downtime and immediate results that last for 6-12 months depending on the area. Caution: Overly animated expressions can loosen threads within the first week of the procedure.

Natural Results
No Surgery, No Pain
Lunchtime Procedure

What Are NovaThreads?

A completely non-invasive treatment, NovaThreads are meant to help clients that want to rid themselves of loose and saggy skin, most commonly in the neck area. A basic description of NovaThreads will describe them as surgical sutures made of polydioxanone, and they are completely absorbable by the body. They are safe to be implanted inside the body, and they work by forcing the body to create collagen naturally and lifting loose skin.

NovaThreads in Great Falls will be completely absorbed into your skin within about four to six months, without leaving scar tissue at the implantation site. They are a revolutionary way to lift skin without surgery or a ridiculously long down time.

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NovaThreads Procedure

Once you’ve discussed the NovaThreads procedure with your doctor, and determined that you’re a good candidate, you’ll schedule your appointment to have them inserted. First, the area that is to be treated will receive a local and topical anesthetic.

Once numb, the threads will be inserted under the skin using a small needle. This is done without removing any skin. The thread inserted will grasp onto saggy skin and stretch it. The procedure is done without incisions, and leaves behind zero scarring. The threads will remain under the skin until they are completely absorbed.

Downtime and Aftercare

It’s recommended that those recovering from NovaThreads take one to two weeks for downtime. This gives bruising and swelling a chance to subside completely. You’ll be able to slowly continue life as normal, following the timeline suggested by your doctor. Ibuprofen and Tylenol can be taken to ease any pain or inflammation.

Aftercare is relatively simple, as you’ll avoid strenuous activity for a few days following the procedure, and apply ice packs to any areas that swell. It won’t take long at all for you to get back to your usual routine. Other than looking younger naturally, a major benefit of NovaThreads is the avoidance of incision, making for a quick recovery.


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